• Keyless Vs. Keyed Door Locks: Which Should You Choose?

    The traditional keyed door lock has been around for ages and it's proven itself as one of the best security measures for any home or business. However, technology is also bringing keyless door locks to the forefront. These door locks offer comparable security along with the convenience offered by keyless entry. If you want to know which type of door lock works best for your business, check out the following comparison between keyed and keyless door locks.
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  • Going With The Flow: Lowdown On Low Flow Toilets And Cleaning Them Green

    Going green has become a popular lifestyle trend in the world that is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to your health and wellness. From carrying reusable shopping bags to updating your home with natural materials, going green has never been easier. Of course, certain updates may require periodic maintenance that agrees with your eco-friendly lifestyle. The addition of a low flow toilet offers incredible benefits, but using harsh chemicals to clean these plumbing fixtures only increases impact on the environment.
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