Dock Building Guide To Lakefront Property Improvements And Marine Construction

Posted on: 22 July 2020

The marine construction on a lakefront property can do a lot to improve it. One of the features that you may want for a lake house is a dock. Docks can have many design features to help you get more out of your marine infrastructure. The following dock building guide will help you choose the best marine construction solutions for your lakefront property.

Adding Boating Features to Docks—The dock you build for your lakefront property may be used for various waterside recreation activities. Some of these activities can include boating and water sports, which is why you will want to consider boating features for the design of your dock that include:

  • Boat launch area
  • Boat lift for safe storage
  • Boathouse features

These are some of the boating features that you may want to consider for the design when building a new dock. You may also want to add cleats and anchor systems to safely tie your boat to the dock.

Recreation Features for New Dock Designs—Another improvement that you will want to consider for dock construction is water recreation features. If you have a two-story dock with a platform above a boat lift area, you may want to consider adding features like diving platforms. There are also options for slides, ladders, and other water recreation features that can be added to the design when you are planning on building a new dock.

Maintenance and Water Levels for New Docks—The water levels of lakes can fluctuate depending on the water being released from dams of reservoirs. Therefore, you want to have a dock design that will not be dry or below the surface when the water levels change. This can be done with adjustable pier systems to support the dock or modular floating dock components that allow you to adjust the structure when water levels change.  

Custom Finishes and Decking for the Surface of Docks—Lastly, you want to consider the finishes for your docks. There are a lot of options for slip-resistant surfaces that can be used as an alternative to conventional wood decking for your dock. Consider options like vinyl and composite decking materials for these slip-resistant dock surfaces. If you do use conventional lumber materials, add grip tape to areas that are frequently wet and slippery to make them safer.

With the right design and features, you will add value and enjoyment to the dock you build for your lakefront property. Contact a dock construction service when you want to build docks for your lakeside real estate.