Equip Your Custom Home Garage With 240V Power For These Future Uses

Posted on: 16 December 2019

When your custom builder plans out the wiring for your new home, he or she will ensure that there are multiple 120v power outlets in every room. There are certain parts of the home, however, that require the larger 240v outlets to power specific devices. Before the wiring plans are complete, it's useful to discuss the merits of your builder adding one or more 240v power outlets to your garage. You might not have an immediate need to plug anything into one of these outlets, but you'll appreciate being able to do so in the future. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with these outlets sitting quietly in the garage. Here are some potential future uses for them.

Charging An Electric Car

You might drive a gasoline-powered vehicle today, but that doesn't mean that you won't be driving an electric car in several years' time. This can especially be likely if this new form of technology interests you and if you plan to spend a considerable length of time in the house. To charge an electric car in your garage, you'll need 240v power. It makes far more sense to have your builder provide this power during construction than to hire an electrician sometime down the road to make this change.

Powering A Clothes Dryer

When you think about your family's future laundry needs, the idea of adding a second washer and dryer might be appealing. While most families can get away with one of each appliance, there are families who double up to accommodate how much laundry needs to be done. For example, if you have a large family and many of your children are active in sports, you might need to do multiple loads of laundry per day. The job will be much faster with a second washer and dryer, which you'll likely put in the garage. The dryer needs 240v power, so having this outlet ready will be handy.

Powering An Oven

In a similar way, you might think about eventually adding a second oven to your home. Given that you probably won't have space for this appliance in your kitchen, the garage can be your next best choice. You might not use your second oven daily or even weekly, but it can definitely come in handy at various times of the year. For example, if you host large family gatherings and need to spend a day or two cooking, it can be far faster to do so with a second oven in use.

Talk with your contractors about how to incorporate additional power sources in new home builds. That way, you can add the outlets that you need.