Garage Door Problems? When You Should Repair Or Replace

Posted on: 3 October 2019

There are many problems you can have with garage doors. Some of these problems can be repaired to help you save money. There are other problems, however, that require you to replace the garage door. Below is more information about this so that you will know what to do.

Will Not Close

If the garage door will not open at all, the first thing to check is the garage door opener. In some cases, this may be the problem, and if so, the only thing you have to do is to replace the opener. Change the batteries out with new ones to see if this takes care of the problem. If not, then you should replace the opener with a new one.

Another reason a garage door may not open is that the photo eye is dirty or blocked. If your garage door is more than 15 years old, it likely has a photo eye that detects movement by an object or a person. If the eye does detect anything, the door will not open. You will find this photo at the bottom of the garage door a few inches from the ground. The eye is very small, but you should have no problem finding it. Take a damp rag and wipe the eye off to remove any dirt or debris on it. Also, there is a cord that attaches to the photo eye. Check the cord for any type of damage.

Only Opens Partway

If your garage door only opens partway, this may be due to many things. If you also hear a loud banging noise when the door tries to open, then this is a problem with the garage door springs. The springs roll on a track as the door moves up and down. Over time, these springs can wear out. If this happens, you should never try to work on this alone as springs can be very dangerous.

Garage door springs generally last approximately 10 to 15 years. If you have had your garage for this long, it is best to replace the door instead of trying to replace the springs. This is especially true if the tracks also look worn out.

Talk to a garage door company about replacing your garage door. There are many types you can choose from, and professionals can help you choose what would work best for your garage. The company can also send a contractor to your home if they think your garage door can be repaired.