Roofing Questions You Might Be Wondering

Posted on: 1 January 2018

Roof problems are a serious issue that will have to be addressed if you are hoping to protect the appearance and condition of your building. This will require you to have some basic information about the more frequently encountered roofing issues. Without this knowledge, you may find that you experience far more stress than necessary and are more likely to make costly mistakes.

How Do Birds And Squirrels Damage Roofs?

Birds and squirrels are common animals that will often make nests in the yard surrounding a home. While you may enjoy having these animals living on your property, you will want to take aggressive steps to stop these animals from getting on the roof. When these animals spend a lot of time on your roof, they may damage it by tearing up the shingles or other components to use them as nesting materials. Also, these animals can leave behind very acidic droppings that can rapidly degrade the roof.

Can You Change From Shingles To Tiles Or Rubber Roofing?

Replacing the roof will have to be done at some point if you live in the home long enough. During this type of work, you may want to make some changes to the roof. More precisely, you may want to upgrade from traditional asphalt shingles to ether stone tiles or rubber roofing. Fortunately, these are changes that can be made fairly easily. Older roofs may require some changes, such as reinforcements, to be able to handle this upgrade as the higher quality materials may have a much heavier weight. Determining whether or not this is the case can be done by a trained roofing contractor as they will understand the steps and techniques for calculating the weight limit for the roof along with accurately estimate the amount of weight that your desired roofing material will add to it.

Will It Be Easy To Tell If The Roof Is Leaking?

A leaking roof is one of the more common and troubling problems that you may experience. When a roof starts to leak there are many issues that it could case for the house. Mold and rot will be two for the more common and serious issues that a leak can cause. You might think that these damages are easy to notice, but they can be located in areas that will be fairly well hidden from view. Having a professional roofing contractor perform regular inspections of the exterior and interior of the roof will enable them to determine whether leaks are present, the steps for repairing them and the extent of the damage that has already occurred.