Tips For Designing Upscale Bathrooms For Your New Custom Home

Posted on: 19 September 2017

Building a custom home requires that you make a lot of tedious decisions about each room's design. While the process can quickly become overwhelming, it is vital that you stay the course and resist the temptation of installing boring bathroom fixtures. Since nearly everyone who comes to your home will use one of your bathrooms, they need to be well designed and fit in with the overall design scheme of your home.

Below are some tips to ensure your custom home's bathrooms look as upscale as the rest of the rooms in your new house:

Tip: Spend the Money for High-End Fixtures

While you can choose less expensive items for your home's flooring and counters, it is vital you spend the money and purchase high-end fixtures. While no one will notice the bathroom sink, they will notice the faucet. In the same vein, guests will not focus on your shower tiles, they will notice the luxury rain showerhead. For these reasons, you should spend the bulk of your bathroom budgets for faucets and hardware over unnoticed items like sinks and tile.

Tip: Install the Same Countertops in the Bathrooms that You do in the Kitchen

In order for your bathrooms to look like they fit in with the rest of your home's design, you should install the same countertops in them as you do in the kitchen. Using the same countertop materials in both places ties both rooms together and ensures your bathrooms don't look like an afterthought of the design process.

Tip: Install Overhead Lights and Lights Surrounding the Mirror

While most people install lighting over the mirror in their bathrooms, this will cast shadows into the mirror and should be avoided. Instead, you should install an overhead light and a light on each side of the mirror. Side mirrors will give off more favorable light for shaving and putting on makeup in the mirror. You should use fixtures designed for LED lights 

Tip: Paint Your Bathrooms a Light Color 

You should plan to paint your new custom home's bathrooms using a light-colored paint. Dark paint should not be used in bathrooms because it tends to absorb light and will make your bathrooms feel like caves rather than inviting places for friends and family. Paints that are light will make the bathrooms bright and clean looking. Finally, you should use a high-gloss paint in your bathrooms for easy cleaning in the future.

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