Home With A Rotten Wood Siding Problem In Their Side: 3 Awesome Wood Siding Upgrades To End Damage Problems

Posted on: 25 August 2017

Wood siding may look great, but it also needs a lot of maintenance and repairs over the years. If you have old wood siding on your home, you may be getting tired of damage siding due to dry rot, cracking or cupping of siding planks. Today, you have many durable choices to replace your old and worn wood siding. Here are some of the best choices to end your problems with damaged wood siding on your home:

1. A Traditional Siding Look with Durable Fiber Cement Materials

If you want to have siding on your home that has a more traditional lap siding look, fiber cement products are a great choice. These materials will look just like the old painted wood siding, but they will be much more durable. The only maintenance that your fiber cement siding is going to need is a light cleaning and occasional coat of paint. In addition, there are also many different fiber cement styles that you can choose from if you want something like shake or board-and-batten siding.

2. Going Modern with Composite Lumber for A More Authentic Wood Siding Look

If you want to have a more modern look that has wood accents and feel, newer composite lumber materials are a great choice. These materials are much less expensive than the tropical hardwoods that are often used for modern natural wood features. In addition, composite lumber is made from recycled waste, so it is a green choice for replacing your old wood siding. Since the materials in the composites are made from plastic and rubber waste, these materials are also very durable and resistant to weathering.

3. The Durable and Affordable Siding Choice That Lasts with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has been around for decades and used as an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to the more conventional siding products. Some of the older vinyl siding products were thin, flimsy, and could easily be cracked or cut through with a knife. Today, improvements in the manufacturing processes have created reinforced vinyl siding products that are very durable and resistant to wear. These products also come in almost any type of siding style you want to have installed on your home.

These are some of the best options to consider ending your problems with damaged wood siding on your home. Contact a fiber cement siding service to help replace old siding with new durable fiber cement products that are low-maintenance and last for generations. 

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