Three Awesome Landscaping Design Ideas To Use Rocks And Gravel To Replace Green Grass

Posted on: 21 May 2017

Having a yard full of grass may look great but it can also be a pain to care for. When summer droughts set in, your grass may even die and become an ugly dead zone in the landscape. To solve the problems with grass, why not just completely replace it. Gravel is a great choice of material to replace your lawn and do away with maintenance and dead grass problems. Here are some of the ways you can do away with the lawn and replace grass with gravel and rock features:

1. Asian Zen Garden to Create Relaxing Meditation Space

If you want to have the perfect place to relax and meditate, a Asian Zen garden can be perfect to replace lawn. In this garden, there is not any grass, but rather gravel and sand. These are Japanese rock gardens that help meditation through different ways they represent nature, such as rocks in gravel being raked to imitate water in nature. The great thing about Zen gardens is that they are small and can be combined with other landscaping features to make your gardens work in harmony.

2. Colored Stones to Cover Lawn Areas with Interesting Designs 

Colored stones can be great for a Zen garden, but they are also ideal to use as ground cover. River rock gravel makes for ground cover in areas like flowerbeds but the rocks can also be used to replace a conventional grass lawn in different areas of your garden. Use color gravel products to also create designs in the landscaping, such as patterns, symbols and artistic creations.

3. Stone Paths and Rock Gardens to Add A Personal Touch To Landscaping

Stone paths are another great way you can remove grass and replace it with materials that do not need care. Use round river rocks to create comfortable walking paths to get around the gardens in landscaping. You may also want to consider using natural rock to create paved paths. There are also synthetic rock pavers that are designed to look like natural stone but cost less than real rock for the paths. In addition to paved paths, rock gardens are a great way to accent features like Zen gardens or add interesting features to the landscaping design.

These are some of the ways you can use rock and gravel to do away with the grass and lawn maintenance this summer. Contact a rock service to get the materials you need for an attractive landscaping design without green grass. Talk with a company like Southwest Brick & Fireplace for more ideas.