Putting Up Your Own Gutters? Try These Tips

Posted on: 12 May 2017

The job of putting up gutters can appear to be an easy one. However, you must be aware of some tricks and tips that will ensure that once they're up, they'll work well and for a good amount of time. Keep these pointers in your mind during the project.

Use Seamless Gutters

For homeowners who used to want to put up their own gutters, some gutters are sold in sections so that people can purchase as many sections as they need and then attach them, creating seams. The problem with these gutters, however, is that debris can get stuck and water can easily leak through the seams, causing damage to the roof and the gutters themselves. They are likely to be replaced often.

Instead, opt for seamless gutters. These gutters can be obtained through contractors who will custom-cut each gutter to properly fit each side of your house. Once they're installed, they'll be less likely to leak and debris will be less likely to get stuck than if you're using sectioned gutters. Because there are no seams at all and are smooth along the length of the home, you might also find seamless gutters more visibly appealing than the alternative.

Place Gutters Below Roof

You might want to put the gutters flush with the roof's edge, but for drainage purposes, it's wiser to position each gutter a little below the edge of the roof so that the water can spill without becoming stuck in between the edge and the gutter.

Mount Them On A Decline

Many people who mount their own gutters do so by laying the gutter level and screwing in hangers to keep them in place. However, if you keep the gutters level, the water will sit in the gutter without draining properly into the downspouts. To avoid that, ensure that you're always mounting the gutters so that they gradually decline in a subtle way so as to allow drainage.

Space Out Hangers

As you screw in the hangers that will secure the gutters, it's important that you space them out. This is important because the weight of water and any debris can cause the gutters to fall down if they aren't well-secured, and that depends on whether the hangers are strong enough to hold them in their place. Ensure that they are not too close together and are evenly spaced as you go along. You may want to use more hangers than you think you'll need to provide proper support.

With these ideas, you can be more successful when putting up your own gutters. Talk with contractors like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc along the way to ensure you're proceeding correctly.