Surprising Plumbing Issues To Check For As Part Of An Inspection When Buying An Older Home

Posted on: 22 April 2017

If you have your eye on an older home, it is important to note that you may be getting a few extras in the home that you are not planning for. For instance, in addition to the crown molding and bigger kitchens often found in older homes, you may also discover roots that are growing dangerously close to the plumbing. Another concern that is not always easy for the average home-buyer to recognize is the presence of asbestos, especially if it has been used in a rarely-used area. Therefore, before you fall in love with or commit to the purchase of an older home, it's best to verify that an appropriate professional inspector can provide the services discussed below. 

Watching For Roots Close To (Or Already Touching) The Pipes

Pipes that have been punctured by tree roots can be disastrous for the homeowner because they often allow for significant and expensive damage to the home and property. In some instances, punctured pipes might even make it impossible to reside in the home for a period of time, due to the wide-spread bacteria in waste water that backs up instead of leaving the property.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the professional inspecting the home in question has access to and can use a sewer line camera. That handy device travels through the pipes, transmitting and recording images. If deformation, damage, growth or other issues are present, the camera should find it. It's never a good idea to take a wait-and-see approach, as waiting for that damage to manifest can have you seeing filthy images you might prefer to forget.  

Checking For Asbestos In The Pipes

In recent years, it has become clear that due to the wide variety of uses for asbestos during the height of its use, it is quite possible that asbestos could continue to have harmful results on unknowing workers and homeowners for years to come. You might be shocked to learn that as of 2015, asbestos has not been banned in the United States, despite the fact that is known to cause a host of serious medical issues, including mesothelioma. Given that only one out of every one hundred older persons diagnosed with mesothelioma are alive ten years later, it's obvious that you should not live in a home with it unless you have absolutely no other choice.      

Fortunately, an in-depth evaluation of your pipes using the aforementioned sewer line camera can detect the presence of asbestos. It was a very common insulator for years and was commonly found in various types of plumbing. As pipes age, they can start to deteriorate and if your pipes contain asbestos, it can contaminate every drop of the water that you and your family might use in the future. Therefore, it's obvious that an imaging of the pipes is an essential aspect of any home inspection, particularly if the home was made or repaired during a time when the use of asbestos was common.    

In conclusion, it has often been said that no home is perfect and accordingly, there is an increased chance of an older home developing issues. However, you deserve to be aware of those issues during negotiations, so it's a good idea to ask for these services from a company like Rapid Rooter Inc.