2 Different Kinds Of Welding

Posted on: 1 November 2016

Welding is one way you can use to connect different pieces of metal together. The different pieces of metal are joined together with an unbroken seam of material. The seams can be strong enough that they are waterproof. Here are a couple of different kinds of welding. 

Arc Welding

Arc welding uses an electrical arc in order to join the two pieces of metal together. The electric arc gets hot enough to melt the metals so that they form the seam when they cool down. Usually, the point where the weld is happening is protected by something like a gas or slag. The electrodes that are used at the point of the weld can be consumable, which means that they are used up while the weld is happening, or non-consumable, meaning that they are are going to be able to be used longer. Arc welding does need an electric power source, but it can work on either AC or DC. 

Capacitor Discharge Welding

CD welding is a semi-automatic welding process. One benefit of this kind of welding is that it can be used on thinner materials. That's because the process tends to be much quicker, especially if the process is doing something like welding a stud to a thin sheet of metal. The speed means that there is very little risk of the thin metal warping or discoloring from the heat, like could happen with other kinds of welding processes. The tip of the welding gun has several low voltage electrostatic capacitors. When the trigger is tripped, those capacitors go off in a preprogrammed pattern, affixing the two pieces of metal. CD welding can be done either as contact or gap. Contact means that the tip of the welding gun both starts and ends with it in contact with the material. Gap CD welding starts with the tip of the gun a specific distance from the materials. As the welding process happens, the tip is propelled down to the surface of the material. The tips for the two kinds of capacitor discharge welding aren't interchangeable. In order to go from one to the other, it's necessary to make sure the tips are changed out. 

Welding makes it possible to make sure that all kinds of structures are created. Everything from your TV to the biggest aircraft carrier has welds in them. The different kinds of welding processes make that wide variation possible.