Parlez-Vous French Doors? Fun Facts That Will Make You Say "Oui" To This Home Improvement

Posted on: 19 June 2015

If you're thinking of making some home improvements, the French door is a great way to go. No matter what you've heard, or haven't heard, here are some interesting facts about these additions that will answer your questions and help you decide which kind are right for you.

French Doors Aren't Just For Your Patio

Whether you're looking for a new patio door or a way to create a little privacy in your kitchen or bedroom, French doors can be used both inside the home and out.

Interior Usage

Because the glass panes span from top to bottom, French doors allow for privacy from room to room while still maintaining an open feel. They're perfect for being able to keep an eye out on your family while cooking, and for preventing guests from feeling cut off from the host at parties.

But what if you don't always want that sense of connectedness?

No worries. You can simply place curtains or even blinds over the glass for temporary privacy whenever you need it.

Exterior Usage

A French door that leads to the outside of your home commands attention due to the fact that it lets in natural sunlight and creates a synergistic flow between the great outdoors and your home.

The benefits of exterior French doors include improved esthetics, increased sense of security, and enjoyable garden views. For those who prefer to use the natural light filtering through the glass instead of burning light bulbs during the day, they can enjoy a reduction in energy costs.

Privacy, Light, and Heat Are Easily Controlled

If you're concerned with security, privacy, and too much light coming into your home, the solution is fairly simple, and it typically lies with the type of glass you choose. As with many other home designs, you have an incredible amount of variety when it comes to choosing this feature.


For the interior installers, suppose you want that open feel but prefer to have a touch more privacy between your sitting room and the rest of your house. You can select opaque panes or go with a more elegant feel, such as stained or textured glass, or even an oriental design. Both will reduce visibility while improving the look of your space. These options will also be perfect for homes in which the door leads to a community sidewalk or otherwise public place, and curtains are not preferred.

Light and Heat Control

If the goal of your French door project is to allow for greater visibility to an outdoor area like a patio or garden, and you have reservations about too much light or solar heat entering your home, you have several options.

Curtains and blinds remain a popular choice and can be cost friendly, depending on what you choose. But, consider that tinted glass can reduce solar heat much better than curtains. In fact, tinted window film on your French doors can reduce the amount of solar heat that enters your home by 70%. On the flip side, if it's the middle of winter, you certainly don't want to lose heat. A quality film should reduce the amount of heat that escapes your home by around 50%. And here's a bonus: your carpets and fabrics are less likely to fade, as the tinted glass should block 95% of UV light, which is the type that tends to cause colors to fade over time.

Make Your Home the Crème de la Crème When Reselling

Installing French doors can improve the look of your home - there's no doubt about it. But when it comes to getting an actual return on your investment for a resale, you can bank on it. lists replacing windows with French doors as a worthwhile investment for adding value to your home without having to drain the bank. Costs will vary with location and contractor, but on average, most homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $300-$800 for a new set of French doors.