Keep Your Homeowners Association Members Happy With These Tips And Tricks

Posted on: 2 June 2015

As the person responsible for your community's homeowners association, a lot falls on your plate to ensure that everyone is happy when possible. Your association is responsible for maintaining a safe and connected community that all residents can enjoy on a day-to-day basis. In addition to collecting association member dues and holding community informational meetings, there are various services and features you can implement to enhance your community's living experience. Here are a few effective options to consider:

Hire a Street Sweeper

Nobody enjoys driving on dirty streets to get home, and in fact roads littered with debris can be such an eyesore that they have a negative effect on home values throughout the community. Unkempt streets can also turn off potential buyers and impact sales within the area. A great way to keep community streets in good shape is to hire a street sweeper from a site like to come in and clear the area out once or twice a month.

This will help to keep the roads clear of sticks, garbage, stones, and other unattractive debris that is around. To cover the costs, you can factor street sweeping services into the road or membership dues that are collected from homeowners association members.

Mail Monthly Newsletters

An easy way to keep communication open with homeowners and to build a strong relationship between neighbors is to send out monthly newsletters. These newsletters offer a fabulous opportunity to get the word out about crucial news and information, as well as make residents feel connected so they're more willing to play a positive role within your community – and this can lead to improved property values for everyone involved.

You can send digital or paper newsletter, the latter of which might see more circulation due to their ease of being shared. You can offset your newsletter costs by offering advertisement spaces to local amenities and outlets, but make sure that your advertisements are beneficial to residents in some way before printing them.

Hold Regular Resident Events

Recreation and socialization are important components for a happy and healthy lifestyle, so it's important to incorporate special events throughout the year for residents to get involved in together. There are many fun ways to get the community involved with each other such as:

  • Barbecue Parties
  • Community Tree Decorating
  • Mini Swap Meets
  • Doggy Walks
  • Dance or Yoga Lessons

These events should be structured to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone, so it's a good idea to incorporate supervisors, sign-in sheets, and basic rule sheets to rely on. Holding the events in a well sectioned area of your community will help you to keep track of who should be there and who shouldn't, and it will minimize intrusions from people outside of your community, unless they're invited by residents of course.

Complete Exterior Inspections

Inspecting the common areas and streets of your community on a regular basis will help to minimize trash buildup, graffiti, and even criminal activity such as loitering. You can have your security team complete the inspections so that they're officially documented, and to ensure that the proper precautions in dimly lit and secluded areas.

A good way to ensure that everyone knows when and where inspections take place is to leave laminated notices when an inspection is scheduled and after an inspection has been done. This doesn't have to be an invasive practice. Simply inspecting community dumpsters, parks, and alley ways should be enough to keep the area safe and clean.

You'll find that that tips and tricks help to build a strong foundation within your community that holds up even when the tides aren't turned in the homeowners' favor.