The Awesome Benefits Of Clay Roof Tiles

Posted on: 26 December 2014

If you have been thinking about calling in your local roofer to have your roof repaired or replaced, before you do you should think about roof options other than standard asphalt shingles. Clay tiles are a roofing option that provide a number of great benefits when they are used on the roof of your home.

Unmatched Durability

Clay tiles were first manufactured in the Neolithic Era, allowing improvements in clay tiles to be made over thousands of years. This has resulted in the durable, modern clay tiles that are used for roofing today. Modern clay tiles last for around 100 years before they need to be replaced. Contrast this with asphalt shingles that usually need to be replaced about every 20 years.  Clay tiles are insect proof, and you can purchase special clay tile shingles that are resistant to damage that may occur due to thawing and freezing.

Even a modest amount of maintenance can ensure that the roofing outlives the homeowner. Seasonal clearing of debris and fallen leaves is usually the most taxing work you will have to do to maintain your clay roof.  However, tiles should be sealed every few years to help maintain their durability. 

Energy Efficient

Because of the clay's natural ability to reflect heat during the summer months, as well as act as an insulator during the cold winter months, a clay tile installation can be one of the upgrades that make the most long-term sense when attempting to go green. Their natural insulating ability allows you to save on your heating and your cooling bills throughout the year.

Insulation from clay tile is possible because air can flow freely above and below the tiles themselves, creating a makeshift air cushion that helps normalize the temperature. Clay roofs are especially popular in the Southwest United States for this very reason, as temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels quickly. The clay's ability to reflect, rather than absorb the heat, make it the obvious option for many homes and businesses in hotter climates.

Style That Doesn't Go Out of Date

While clay tile roofs are not new, the cosmetic styling of the roof is still eye catching to this day. No other style of roof material can give off a vintage, almost ancient look, while still appearing sharp and clean enough to pass as a modern world aesthetic.

Clay tile is also extremely versatile, due to the fact that the clay tiles can be manufactured in almost any shape, style, size and color to match your home's setup. Although most clay tiles are orangish in color, this is not your only option. Clay tiles can be manufactured in other earthy colors, like beige, peach, and tan. They also may be manufactured in purple and blue hues, for those who want their roof to pop with color. As an added bonus, installing a clay tile roof will boost the dollar value to your home as it can transform an average looking home into an exceptional looking one.

Extremely Weather Resistant

Despite being somewhat heavier than other materials, such as shingles, the extra weight of clay tiles is in fact quite useful as they can be installed on roofs and are able to withstand any type of harsh weather environment, even the high winds that are found during hurricanes.

In high rainfall areas, clay tiles can be used as the sturdy barrier around a water tight seal to prevent moisture from leaking into the roof deck. In a dryer climate, next to a lot of dead shrubbery and other foliage that is hospitable to wildfires, the heat-resistant tiles work as an extra safety measure. Many insurance companies will be happy to offer you a discount if you live in a hazardous area and install a clay tile roof for this purpose.

Clay tile is a great addition when you are looking to upgrade the exterior of your house, including your roof. Their beautiful aesthetic, as well as clay tile's numerous practical benefits, make it one of the best options on the market when you are looking to have your roof replaced.