3 Cheap, Temporary Fixes For Your Home's Cracked Windows

Posted on: 19 December 2014

If you have house windows that have several cracks in them, you may be planning to have the glass replaced. However, if the job cannot be completed in the near future, you may be searching for cheap, temporary fixes for the cracks. Below are simple repairs you can perform using items you already have or can easily find in a hardware or department store.

Spread Clear Fingernail Polish Over The Cracks

This first method provides you with the simplest and easiest solution for your cracked windows. You spread clear fingernail polish over the cracks to fill them in. If possible, choose acrylic polish since it is more durable than other varieties.

Use this fix if you have hairline cracks in the glass. While the polish will fill these types, it will break up if used inside larger spaces. If you have any cracks that are larger than an eighth of an inch wide, try using one of the other two repairs listed below.

To fill the cracks with the fingernail polish, you first need to clean the surface of the glass to allow the polish to stick better. First, use a clean makeup brush to remove dust from within the cracks. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe any oil or dirt off the glass.

Once the glass has been cleaned, use the brush with the polish to start applying it to the crack. Start at an inch past one end of the crack and spread the polish over it. Apply one thin layer through until you extend one inch from the other end.

Allow the polish to dry for 15 minutes. Then, apply a second coat.

Fill The Cracks With Super Glue

The second method uses similar steps as described above except super glue is used as the crack filler. Unlike fingernail polish, however, it can be used for wider cracks up to a quarter of an inch. This is because the bond between the glass and glue is stronger so it will not chip away as easily.

After cleaning the window's glass, start applying the super glue a half of an inch past one of the edges. As you go along the crack, squeeze the tube to ensure the space is completely filled in. Once you reach the other end of the crack, extend a half of an inch past it.

Once a half an hour has passed to allow for drying, apply another coat. This time, you need only a thin layer to seal the edges of the first coat.

Cover The Cracks With Epoxy And Plastic Tape

The third quick repair for cracked house windows involves using epoxy glue and plastic tape. This method can be used for any sized cracks. However, if you decide to use epoxy, make sure you wear gloves and use it carefully to avoid skin tears and burns.

After cleaning the glass and putting on your gloves, use the epoxy's applicator to spread the glue over the crack. Use thin layers while it is still wet to fill up the cracks. 

Once the last layer has been spread on, immediately place the plastic tape over the glue. This will give the epoxy an extra-strong seal on the glass. It will also prevent any chips or dust from the glue from breaking off into the air over time.

While any of the above methods will seal the cracks in your home's windows, they are only temporary measures. If you find that the cracks are growing or too much air is coming through them, you may want to speak to a contractor, like one from Central Glass, about having your windows' glass replaced as soon as possible.